2017 Annual Award Nominations

Honor your employees, coworkers, or colleagues with a nomination in the following categories:

Telecommunicator of the Year
Call Taker, Dispatcher, Emergency Communications Operator, Public Safety Dispatcher, Telecommunicator.

Line Supervisor of the Year
Dispatch Supervisor, Dispatch Operations Shift Supervisor, Supervising Public Safety Dispatcher, Supervisor, Shift Manager/Supervisor, Communications Supervisor, Communications Shift Supervisor, Communications Center Supervisor, Line Supervisor, Operations Supervisor, Emergency Resource Supervisor, Telecommunications Supervisor, Senior Fire Communications Supervisor.

Director of the Year
Director, Assistant Director, Executive Director, Deputy Director, PSAP Manager, Communications Center Director/or Manager, Communications Administrator, Communications Chief, Public Safety Manager/or Director

Technician of the Year
Radio Frequency Director, Electronics Communications Technician, Telecommunications Engineer, Communications Technician Supervisor, Senior Communications Technician, Radio Lead Technician, Radio Technician, Technical Systems Administrator

Instructions for nominating:

Please provide details of the outstanding job performed. If the recognition is due to a specific event, please give the details of the incident and how the individual was involved. If a tape recording of the call will provide a better insight to a specific call or situation, please include a copy with your nomination.

All awards will be presented during the opening of the AZ APCO/NENA State Training Conference September 6, 2017. Winners will receive paid registration to this year’s State conference held in Tempe September 6 through September 7, 2017.

Entries may be submitted by completing this form.